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Our development process aims at making the AppNavi available to you according to the product specification. Comprehensive quality assurance measures are an integral part of our development process. However, in view of today’s complex IT landscapes, it cannot be ruled out that an incident will occur.

Product or solution incident

In the case of incidents, we distinguish between product and solution incidents.

A product incident occurs when the function of the AppNavi is completely or partially limited.

It is a solution incident if route interruptions occur or, for example, news is not displayed as expected. Solution incidents will be remedied by your contractual partner if he has developed the solution for you. If you need assistance with content created by you, please also contact your contractual partner at any time. He or she will be happy to make you an offer for the resolution of the incidents that are not part of your contract.

Your contact person

In the event of an incident, please first contact your contractual partner. The contractual partner has specified incident reporting mechanisms in the contract.

If we are your contractual partner directly, please report the incident using the contact form below. Our service team will then immediately deal with this incident.

Initial incident classification

Please carry out an initial incident classification when reporting an incident. This helps us to take this into account when prioritizing. However, we reserve the right to modify the classification after evaluating the incident. Your service claim can be found in our General Terms and Conditions at any time. An excerpt of the fault classification can be found here:

Operation prevented
The operations is prevented if the use of the contractual software is impossible or severely restricted.

Operation restricted
The operation is restricted if the use of the contractual software is considerably restricted.

A slight disruption shall be deemed to exist if the use of the contractual software is possible without or with insignificant restrictions.

Contact us

Please contact us via the incident form if you are named as the responsible contact person for AppNavi within your company – and we are your contractual partner. Otherwise, please contact your contractual partner directly.

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